Tourlou at Dvinos


Tourlou at Dvinos

Diners on the terrace of Dvinos restaurant in Las Negras were entertained last night by the folk trio Tourlou. These young musicians played traditional Spanish and Celtic folk music.



David, on the violin and viola, is an accomplished musician.


Anna Vala

He was accompanied by Anna Vala on the cello and Mayumi, also playing the violin and mandolin.



The girls’ rendering of the songs, as they played their instruments, conveyed emotion.
The group is newly formed and is looking for engagements. They can be contacted at

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Changing Colour


Above our terrace

This chameleon has been visiting our bottom terrace during the last few days.


Blending in

He blends in well with the fencing.


Changing colour

Shortly after photographing him there, he moved into the climbing bougainvillea and changed colour. He also puffed himself up in objection to being photographed.

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Lamparas Imposibles


Carmen and Reyes

Last night we went to the inauguration of a small exhibition, at the bar Black in Las Negras, of lamps made by Reyes Pandora.  Reyes, from Madrid, but a frequent visitor to Las Negras, is mainly a costume and interior designer and is now responsible for the decor in El Brindi Negro. Here she is last night (right) with her friend the actress Carmen Ferrer, also from Madrid.


Natural materials

The lamps were fascinating and very creative. In some cases she used natural materials.


Fabrics and accessories

Other lamps were crafted with beautiful fabrics and accessories.


Modernn and traditional

There was a mixture of modern and traditional designs.


Something different

Something to suit any room.


A corner of the exhibition

The exhibition is only on for a few days. Please go and have a look. The prices of the lamps are on average about 50 euros.

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Saturday night at the Fiesta


Reyes Pandora outside Black

The annual fiesta in Las Negras continues and we strolled down to the village last night to see what was going on. No fancy dress this year but we encountered Reyes Pandora, who always likes to dress up, outside the bar Black.



Reyes opted for the gypsy look together with fake chicken and ham.


Anna and Sergio

We had a drink at bar Black in the Centro Comercial. Anna and Sergio, the owners, are always welcoming.


Simone and Txema behind the bar at Nomad

We then filled up with one of Simone’s healthy burgers at her bar Nomad.


Beating out the rhythm

On the promenade we encountered these Senegalese lads who were beating out their rhythms and drew an appreciative audience who joined in clapping and dancing.


Orquesta Tívoli

Approaching midnight the Orquesta Tívoli began a concert on the stage.


Dancing into the early hours

They performed typical Spanish popular dance music which had the crowds dancing until the early hours.

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Flamenco at the Fiesta

Mayte Beltran

Mayte Beltran

The annual summer weekend fiesta in Las Negras kicked off last night with an excellent flamenco show. The acclaimed dancer, Mayte Beltran, performed on a specially erected stage in the village car park.

Supporting group

Supporting group

She was supported by a guitarist and two female vocalists.



The dancing expressed beautifully the ‘duende’ of flamenco and the guitar playing and singing were also excellent.

Mayte and her friends

Mayte and her friends

Mayte performed routines in three different flamenco outfits.

The dance with the shawl

The dance with the shawl

Great movement

Great movement

The most spectacular routine was her final dance with a shawl.



Earlier in the evening a more popular brand of flamenco was played by the group Zarrita on the terrace of the bar Nomad.

On the terrace of Nomad

On the terrace of Nomad

This was very much appreciated by the clients of the bar. You may note that one of the guitarists later provided the backing music for Mayte.

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Chiringuito Del Cabo


Bernabe and Francisco behind the bar

Every year new bars open in Las Negras. Some close in September, others struggle on a little longer but some are here to stay. Tonight the Cacho clan celebrated the opening of their latest venture “El Chiringuito del Cabo” and this bar will be here to stay.


Live music —-


—- entertained the public

A month ago this was just a plot of land by at the end of the village behind the beach. In a short time this attractive wooden structure has been built and is now open for business. The location plus the experience and expertise of the owners will ensure its success.


Attractive barmaids served the drinks —-


—- while the workers from the other Cacho enterprises enjoyed a break

Bernabe Junior, Junior, grandson of the original, legendary Bernabe “El Cacho” and his younger brother Francisco hosted a memorable opening night with live music from a jolly Spanish group.


Friends asked me take their photos


More friends


And more

Here are some photos of the bar and friends which I hope capture the atmosphere.


Inside the bar


And outside

The annual village fiesta of Las Negras takes place this weekend. We hope to keep you posted with photos from the celebrations.


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El Cargadero de Mineral de Agua Amarga


The path to the ruins

This morning we visited the ruins of El Cargadero de Mineral de Agua Amarga. These are easy to find, about 2km from Agua Amarga towards Carboneras. On the left hand side of the road is the Chumbero restaurant and on the right, parking from which a track leads to the ruins. At the end of the 19th Century a railway was constructed to take iron ore from the workings at Lucainena de Las Torres, in the Sierra de Alhamilla behind Nijar, down to the coast by Agua Amarga for exporting by boat. This was quite a feat of engineering. The railway followed a barranco down to the coast where an iron jetty stretched into the sea so the ore could reach the boats.


The Ruins

On the top of the cliffs are the ruins of what we presume were the administration and residential buildings servicing the site.


Agua Amarga

From here there are superb views of Agua Amarga and the coast of the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata.


Down the old railway

We then walked down the route of the old railway line alongside the barranco.


The ruins by the shore

From the path we followed we could not get to the shore but looking down on the ruins gave us a good idea of the scale of the original site.


Looking back

We walked back up the track ….


Rock with iron ore

…. and found that there were still small rocks of iron ore littered along it.


The information board

When we returned to the top of the cliff we studied the information board beside the ruins.
On the board was an old black and white photo of the last boat to leave the Cargadero with iron ore in 1942, after which the line was dismantled and the property abandoned. Unfortunately, it was badly scratched and could not be reproduced.


An old photo of the steam locomotive

We did, however, find a photo of the old steam locomotive. As well as iron ore this locomotive bought villagers from Lucainena down to the coast at weekends to spend the day on the beach at Agua Amarga. We took some photos of Lucainena and the old iron works a few years ago. Here is the link to the old blog –


Coast of the Cabo de Gata

We then drove a little further up the road and pulled in to follow another coastal path along the cliffs from which there are more spectacular views of the coast of the Cabo de Gata.


Agave and ruins

The typical landscape includes the usual agaves and ruins ….



…. but we did note this lovely wild flower, a large-flowered centaurium, not commonly found in the parque natural.

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