Street scene with church, Nacimiento

Yesterday morning we drove up the A1079 from Alhabia and continued past Alboloduy winding up the mountain road to the junction with the Almeria – Granada motorway. At the junction we took the country road that drops down to the little town of Nacimiento.


A walkway down to the Rio Nacimiento from the edge of the town

Nacimiento is quite a charming town, typical of the region, but we think receives few visitors as there is only one road to the town which ends here and so it is not on any touring route, though we did notice some signs indicating walks up into the Sierra Nevada above.


A lane in Nacimento above the rio.

The Rio Nacimiento runs below the town and there are walks along the river but we were surprised to see that the river bed was dry. Perhaps it is drained of water to irrigate the agricultural areas around Abla and Fiñana further upstream.


Rincon de Nacimiento

As you can see from the photos, Nacimiento is a town of narrow streets and traditional houses but everywhere seems to look down to the river and across to the mountains.


Family on a doorstep

As usual, cats were to be found on the doorsteps. This family group included a small dog that seemed to blend in with his feline friends.


Pines and Sierra de Gador

On the way back, instead of returning down the A1079, we took the mountain road AL 3407 through the pine forests but first we stopped off at a bodega, Hacienda Capellania. This small bodega products ecological wines – a red, fruity Syrah 13’9% for 4 euros a bottle and a rich Chardonnay 14% for 3 euros a bottle. We bought 3 of each.


Spectacular scenery

Along this road, which carries very little traffic, there are spectacular views across the pines to the Sierra de Gador whose highest peaks still had some snow.


Across to the Sierra de Gador. The valleys of the Rios Andarax and Nacimiento are between here and the mountains

Eventually this road drops down through the pines to join the A1079 just before Alhabia and our cortijo. It made a pleasant circular excursion. We would like to visit Nacimiento again, probably in the spring when we sense it will be very pretty.

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Snow in La Alpujarra Almeriense


Padules and the Sierra de Gador

Last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, we had rain in La Alpujarra Almeriense. There was also a northerly airstream so the rain fell as snow on the Sierra Nevada and the higher peaks of the Sierra de Gador. Since then we have had sunshine every day and, although most of the snow has now melted, we did get some photos of it last weekend. Most impressive perhaps is the view above of Padules with the Sierra de Gador behind.


Laujar de Andarax 

The thickest snow was on the highest peaks of the Sierra de Nevada behind Laujar de Andarax but this was partially obscured by a ribbon of cloud.


Villa Turistica de Laujar

From a different viewpoint though we took this photo of the Villa Turistica de Laujar just outside the town where behind there was a clear view ion another part of the Sierra Nevada. These photos were taken last Saturday.



On Friday morning we walked along the river to Terque where the orange groves, village, blue sky and the distant snow on the Sierra Nevada made a lovely picture.


View from Terque

From the top of the Terque we looked across Bentarique and Illar to the Sierra Nevada. The peaks of the Sierra de Gador here to the left, unlike at Padules, were not high enough to receive the snow but the view still makes a dramatic landscape.

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Acrylic portrait of Daisy

We are absolutely devastated because our beautiful Daisy died on Wednesday afternoon. We went for the usual afternoon walk and as soon as we returned, she began to convulse violently then foam at the mouth. We rang the vet in Alhama de Almeria and arranged to meet at the surgery ASAP but by the time we got there, ten minutes later, she was dead. I suspect rat poison based on strychnine because while we were walking, she disappeared into a narrow tunnel in the river wall which is just the sort of place some stupid person would put poison.
The vet and her nurse were very kind and sympathetic and prepared Daisy for burial and put her in a cardboard box. There was no charge, either, which was nice of them especially as it was an emergency call. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet suddenly like that. Daisy was only 3 years old and a beautiful, intelligent, affectionate and very active and fit dog. The next few days will be difficult.
Daisy has a grave next to Rubi, our big old dog who died last month aged 14, facing the rising sun. Poor Bobby will miss his mum because now he’ll have no one to play mad games with, Blanquita being too old for such exertion.
Here is a painting of Daisy which I did a couple of years ago and is hanging in our living room.


Bobby, Daisy, Margaret and Blanquita in Terque

Thank you everybody for your kind messages of sympathy. This has been a difficult week but we retraced our walk of Wednesday to see if we could find the cause of Daisy’s poisoning. In the small tunnel which she entered in the river wall opposite Terque we noticed dirty water seeping from an acequia. The vet on Wednesday evening told us that there was water in Daisy’s stomach and asked if she had been drinking. She had no water at home as her convulsions started as soon as we arrived home after our walk so we think there must be high level of toxins in the acequia water which she must have drank. Our other 2 dogs did not go near it and are fine. We shall report this to Seprona, the environmental arm of the Guardia Civil, but this will have to wait until Monday as we are too tired and distraught at the moment. Let this be a warning though to anyone walking their dogs along the Rios Andarax and Nacimiento not to let them near acequia water. Above is the last photo we have of the three dogs together with me which was taken earlier this month. From l – r, Bobby, Daisy and old Blanquita.

Daisy has been a star of this blog and if you fill her name in the search box at the top you will read much about her happy but far too short life.

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Canjáyar – Dia de Aceite


Canjáyar this morning

This morning we went up  to the nearby town of Canjáyar in La Alpujarra Almeriense because it was celebrating its annual “Day of Olive Oil”.


Produce grom La Almajara de Cabjáyar

Here is a display of the olive oil and preserved olives from La Almajara de Canjáyar.


Fountain in the square

Once again we enjoyed beautiful autumn sunshine.






Wine and jamon

Productos ecológicos

Stalls were laid out in the squares selling produce from the area – olive oil, wine, cheeses, bread, cakes and more.


Making the migas

The women of the town cooked migas and cocido for the visitors. 1 euro for a plate full and another euro if you wanted a glass of local wine to go with it.


The town band

The town band provided entertainment. A jolly day.

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Rambla de Los Yesos – Alboloduy


Rambla de Los Yesos

Yesterday morning we walked up and around the Rambla de Los Yesos near Alboloduy.


Rambla de Los Yesos near the confluence with the Rio Nacimiento

To reach the rambla follow the Rio Nacimiento upstream from Alboloduy for about 500 metres. The confluence with the rambla is on the left and the rambla here is as wide as the river so you cannot miss it.


The face of the rambla against the blue sky


Beautiful colours

The different colours of the rocks are fascinating and extremely vivid against the clear blue sky of autumn.


Fascinating rock fprmations

The rock formations are also awe-inspiring. A sign directs you to take a track on the right that leads above and then alongside the rambla.

The track above the rambla

A corral for goats

The landscape is very barren here but we saw this corral for goats even though there is little here for a herd to feed on.


Near the end of the rambla

The track eventually leads back down to the rambla. We followed the rambla for a short while but found our way halted by a sheer drop and had to return via the path.


Different colours again

The walk took us three hours. When we returned home we checked our route and discovered that we should have followed the rambla further up where a path leads back to Alboloduy via a different route. Our fault for not checking before the walk but we will certainly come here again.


Rambla de Los Yesos

The route is described on this web page –

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Almócita – Pueblo de Grafiti


Fondon, Fuente Victoria, Laujar de Andarax and the Sierra Nevada

Yesterday morning we drove up to Laujar de Andarax to enjoy the scenery of La Alpujarra in the lovely autumn sunshine. Here is a photo we took on our way of Fondon with Fuente Victoria and Laujar de Andarax behind and the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the distance.


Fuente Victoria

Here is a photo of Fuente Victoria we took on the way back. We normally take all our photos on our DSLR camera but we took this on our new iPad to see how the camera on it worked – not bad.


Buildings near the entrance to Almócita

We decided to turn in to the village of Almócita, near Padules, on our way back as it is one of the very few places we had yet to visit. At the entrance to the village we saw these old buildings brightly painted.


Painted banner on wall

When we walked around the village we noticed that many of the houses and walls were covered with creative graffiti and/or had poems about friendship, peace and Utopia written on them.


Painted walls

Some were quite charming ….

More grafiti

…. and others more exotic. The Grafiti must be recent, some works are dated 2016, but the village has an old history going back to the Moors.

Plaza de Libertad

Almócita is a typical Alpujarran village of little over 200 inhabitants. Although, like all the towns and villages, it has its own character. In the centre is a pretty little square, Plaza de Libertad.

Sitting in the square

Here the old people like to sit and pass the time of day. This photo was also taken with the iPad.

Street in Almócita

This is a typical, narrow cobbled street alongside the church with attractive houses down the other side.

Old door with jasmine

We liked this old door with jasmine growing up the side.

Village bus stop

Even the village bus stop has its charm.

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Jardín Botánico de Terque



Jardín Botánico de Terque

Yesterday morning we walked from our cortijo up the Rio Andarax past Terque and crossed the main road to take a track, Camino de la Cañada, which led through the valley to the hills behind. The route we took came out above Terque at the Jardín Botánico.


Jardín Botánico de Terque

This is a lovely public space with plants typical of Almeria, aromatic and ornamental plants.


Picnic area

Plenty of space is provided for people to come up here to relax and bring a picnic.


Sierra de Gador

There are also superb views. From this ornamental compass, embedded in the ground with slates and pebbles, you can see the Sierra de Gador.


Looking towards Bentarique and Illar

This view looks across the villages of Bentarique and Illar towards the Sierra Nevada.



From the other side of the Jardín there are excellent views of the village of Terque.


Jardín Botánico de Terque

It was certainly a good morning to take photos with the autumn colours and lovely light.

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