R.I.P. Charlie 1/4/2000 – 10/8/2014

Charlie on the Estepa 2012

Charlie on the Estepa 2012

Our Jack Russell, Charlie, died peacefully last night in our garden under a star filled sky lit by the full moon. He had been losing weight and energy over the last couple of months and was diagnosed as having kidney failure. There is no cure for this but the vet put him on a high calorie, low protein diet and pills to reduce his metabolism. On Friday he asked to return home early from his morning walk and ate little. Yesterday he showed little interest in anything and would not eat. We felt his systems were shutting down.

Charlie as a puppy in our garden in Truro with our old Staffy, Biffa

Charlie as a puppy in our garden in Truro with our old Staffy, Biffa

Charlie was born in St.Agnes and we acquired him as a puppy. He lived with us in Truro until we moved to Spain in December 2002. He has had a great life here. In the mountains of Los Guajares he chased wild boar, in the olive groves of Loja he hunted rabbits, and he loved his long walks around the coast and hills of the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata. He was also very sociable and enjoyed going into Spanish villages and meeting up with the local dogs for a good sniff and leg-cock.

Cooling off at El Playazo earlier this year

Cooling off at El Playazo earlier this year

Although he enjoyed walking along the beaches he was not keen on the sea but liked to cool off at the water’s edge. Above is the last photo we took of him which was taken earlier this year at El Playazo de Rodalquilar.


About Margaret Merry

I grew up in Falmouth, Cornwall, England where, after leaving Falmouth High School, I spent a year at Falmouth School of Art. Then followed three years at Hornsey College of Art in London where I obtained a Diploma in Art and Design. I then spent a post-graduate year at the West of England College of Art in Bristol where I gained an Art Teacher?s Diploma and a Certificate in Education of the University of Bristol. I lived and worked in Truro for over 30 years and became one of Cornwall's most popular artists. My paintings have been exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Paris and London and have been bought by collectors from all over the world. I have published 4 books which became local bestsellers - 'The Natural History of a Westcountry City', 'Margaret Merry's Cornish Garden Sketchbook', 'Sea & Sail' and 'Tidal Reaches'. In 2002 I moved to Spain and now live pn a small farmer the town of Alhabia in the Alpujarra Almeriense in the Province of Almeria. I now get my inspiration from the dramatic scenery of Andalucia and its old cities, towns and villages which I usually capture in watercolour. I also enjoy portraiture and figurative art, particularly nudes and dancers. For these paintings I use artists' soft pastels. I have written and illustrated 3 children's books - The Wise Old Boar, The Lonely Digger and The Adventure of Princess The Pony - which have been published in the USA.
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2 Responses to R.I.P. Charlie 1/4/2000 – 10/8/2014

  1. PinkDagger says:

    So sorry you had to say goodbye. He’s such a beautiful little dog, and that puppy picture is so heartwarming. It sounds like he had a great and long life with a wonderful family!

  2. Wendy Kate says:

    Aw, so sorry for your loss. He looked like a lovely dog

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