Weekly Anecdote

We thought we would post each week a little amusing anecdote typifying life in rural Andalucia. Here are a few to start it off. We hope you like the idea. The photos are images taken this week which we have not yet shown you.

Old houses, new street in Rodalquilar Wednesday morning

The other day, in the El Árbol Supermarket in Campohermoso, Digby was browsing the selection of wines. As usual there were special offers on several wines in the form of buy one bottle and get a discount of 70% off the price of the second bottle. Unfortunately, again as usual, all of the wines on offer were either not there, or there was only one bottle on display. In the end, Digby gave up the search and decided to purchase one of his regular vintages. At the checkout, the cashier pointed out to Digby that the bottle of wine he was purchasing was not on offer. Did he still want to buy it, she asked. Digby replied yes, he did, because none of the wines on offer were in stock. To which the woman replied, I know.


San Jose main beach Thursday morning

In San José, they have recently painted fresh yellow lines on the roads alongside the pavements where car parking is prohibited. A witness described how he saw the painter spraying the paint alongside the kerbs, and how, when he came upon doggie deposits, instead of removing them, he simply carried on spraying and painted over them. The procedure was being supervised, meanwhile, by none other than the Mayor himself. The doggie deposits have since disintegrated, leaving behind bare patches, in the form of perfectly stencilled shapes, along the newly painted lines.


Botanical gardens in Rodalquilar Wednesday morning

We had a failure of life support systems last night when we were plunged into darkness due to a fault with the water pump which, although now repaired, had depleted our store of solar energy to a critical level. This morning, therefore, Digby was despatched to Campohermoso with instructions to purchase some long lasting candles and some batteries for two small torches, so that we don’t get caught out again when the weather, like yesterday, is overcast and damp. There were no batteries of any kind, nor candles, to be found in the first supermarket Digby went to. At the second, he was more successful and found some candles. However, a search for batteries proved fruitless, even though the ones we needed were of the most common kind, usually on sale in any supermarket. Digby wasn’t too concerned as his next port of call was the ironmonger’s, to enquire about generators as a back up to our solar panels in bad weather, and he was confident that he’d find batteries there. No such luck. Do you mean car batteries? asked the ironmonger.  Digby had just about given up all hope of ever finding such a simple thing as a torch battery in Campohermoso and went to his last destination, the greengrocers stall in the covered market to buy some fruit and veg. There, while waiting at the till, what should he see, against a backdrop of tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc., but a display of batteries, all different sizes.


About Margaret Merry

I grew up in Falmouth, Cornwall, England where, after leaving Falmouth High School, I spent a year at Falmouth School of Art. Then followed three years at Hornsey College of Art in London where I obtained a Diploma in Art and Design. I then spent a post-graduate year at the West of England College of Art in Bristol where I gained an Art Teacher?s Diploma and a Certificate in Education of the University of Bristol. I lived and worked in Truro for over 30 years and became one of Cornwall's most popular artists. My paintings have been exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Paris and London and have been bought by collectors from all over the world. I have published 4 books which became local bestsellers - 'The Natural History of a Westcountry City', 'Margaret Merry's Cornish Garden Sketchbook', 'Sea & Sail' and 'Tidal Reaches'. In 2002 I moved to Spain and now live pn a small farmer the town of Alhabia in the Alpujarra Almeriense in the Province of Almeria. I now get my inspiration from the dramatic scenery of Andalucia and its old cities, towns and villages which I usually capture in watercolour. I also enjoy portraiture and figurative art, particularly nudes and dancers. For these paintings I use artists' soft pastels. I have written and illustrated 3 children's books - The Wise Old Boar, The Lonely Digger and The Adventure of Princess The Pony - which have been published in the USA.
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One Response to Weekly Anecdote

  1. Angela Bell says:

    I am so glad to hear these lovely anecdotes ,gives me faith in the Spanish soul!!! lol Angela

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