Presillas Bajas – La Caldera

Traditional cottage in Presillas Bajas

This morning we drove to Presillas Bajas with the intention of walking up the rambla towards Los Albaricoques from where we tried to drive down it yesterday. There is a little car park in this pretty hamlet which overlooks the sea, but not much else. Many of the houses have been renovated in the traditional style. and look quite smart but there is still the odd crumbling edifice.

Path through the barranco

Swallowtail butterfly

The path leading up through the narrow valley is lined with chumbos, palmettos and agaves and fennel and wild thyme grow in abundance. We saw some wild delphiniums with tiny, bright blue flowers. and stopped to photograph a beautiful swallowtail butterfly. Difficult to capture with a compact camera.







The sandy path

The surface of the path is sandy which makes walking quite heavy going. The stones and rocks are fascinating though, being of all sorts of colours and composed of different minerals due to the volcanic activity.

Stone wall with chumbus

The stone walls are particularly attractive because they are built from the local, dark maroon rocks.

The caldera

The valley widens when you reach the ruins of Cortijo de Berengueles on your left. The path forks. and if you carry straight on you will reach Los Albericoques. We turned right and followed the path through the volcanic crater, Caldera Volcanica de Majada Redonda. Here we were surrounded by mountains without a habitacion or telegraph pole in sight and no sound other than the pretty trilling of larks and the  haunting cry of an eagle


About Margaret Merry

I grew up in Falmouth, Cornwall, England where, after leaving Falmouth High School, I spent a year at Falmouth School of Art. Then followed three years at Hornsey College of Art in London where I obtained a Diploma in Art and Design. I then spent a post-graduate year at the West of England College of Art in Bristol where I gained an Art Teacher?s Diploma and a Certificate in Education of the University of Bristol. I lived and worked in Truro for over 30 years and became one of Cornwall's most popular artists. My paintings have been exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Paris and London and have been bought by collectors from all over the world. I have published 4 books which became local bestsellers - 'The Natural History of a Westcountry City', 'Margaret Merry's Cornish Garden Sketchbook', 'Sea & Sail' and 'Tidal Reaches'. In 2002 I moved to Spain and now live pn a small farmer the town of Alhabia in the Alpujarra Almeriense in the Province of Almeria. I now get my inspiration from the dramatic scenery of Andalucia and its old cities, towns and villages which I usually capture in watercolour. I also enjoy portraiture and figurative art, particularly nudes and dancers. For these paintings I use artists' soft pastels. I have written and illustrated 3 children's books - The Wise Old Boar, The Lonely Digger and The Adventure of Princess The Pony - which have been published in the USA.
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One Response to Presillas Bajas – La Caldera

  1. June says:

    Thanks Margaret and Digby for lots of lovely photos……….you seem to be settling in to your new abode…………..all the very best………..June

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