Playa de los Genoveses

Playa de los Genoveses

Yesterday morning we headed for Playa de los Genoveses, probably the best known and most beautiful beach in the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata.

San Jose marina

First we stopped at San Jose. When we first visited San Jose 25 years ago there were about 4 bars, one little hotel and a small amount of tourist accommodation. The village had no mains water so drinking water had to be brought in by tankers. How it has changed! Now it is a full-blown resort with all amenities but not much character left. Of course, there was no marina when we first visited. This was completed about 20 years ago and harbours a variety of modern pleasure craft and the odd traditional fishing boat.

The bay from the far end of the beach

By contrast, the beautiful bay of Los Genoveses has not changed thanks to the preservation of the Natural Park. Access and parking is more organised now and even though many more people visit the beach, this pristine great curve of soft sand shelving gently into the Mediterranean remains unspoilt.

Vegetation behind the beach

Behind the beach, looking not unlike a scene from prehistory, is a lush sweep of agaves, palmettos, waving grasses, sedges and succulents.

Detail from the beach


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